Harveys Plumbers Epoxy Putty

By Joe King

Harveys Plumbers Epoxy Putty is a epoxy-based mending solution. It has the following features:

  • Hardens in 20 minutes
  • Ideal for automobile, plumbing, bathroom fittings, water proofing
  • NSF certified for use in potable water
  • Suited for electrical repairs
  • Stops leaks in minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Resistant to high temperatures

Product Overview

Amazon ImageIt is a highly dependable and reliable bonding solution for any kind of repair at home or for industrial use. It hardens in 20 minutes to a firm, solid compound and can resist high temperatures. This makes it ideal for mending for instance auto parts, especially joining the head and cylinder. The heat won’t soften the solidified mixture. It can be used for leak proof joining of sinks, refrigerators, petrol tanks of any vehicle, glass fish tanks, glassware etc. Anything that is made up of plastic, wood, cement, metal or glass can be repaired and strengthened by this epoxy putty.

When you think of an ultimate mending solution, it is epoxy putty that provides you peace of mind. It can be tapered, filed, cut, drilled, sanded and painted like different alloys and metals. You can rebuild and fabricate parts of toys, electric gadgets and other machinery. It can be used as filler to fill holes or cracks. Do not worry if the nail has made a dirty looking hole in the clean wall. Mix the two contents in two different tubes, following the directions given on the package. Fill it in the hole and level it. Paint it with matching color and you will not be able to guess where the hole was.