How to Use Plumbers Putty

By Joe King

Putting plumbers putty under the flange keeps water from secreting between the sink and the flange. The flange is the ring around the drain pipe. The flange is held under the sink with a nut. Putty is also attached by a ring to the drain pipe under the sink.

List of items

You need these to apply putty to faucets and drains:
Sink cabinet
Mounting hardware and flange
Plumbers putty (check brand & type for surface compatibility)


Easy steps on how to use plumbers putty with faucets and drains

1. The first step is to turn the sink upside-down. Place the sink on a flat surface.

2. Next, roll thin ropes of plumbers putty and place it between the kitchen sink and the countertop.

3. Turn the sink over and lower it into the hole in the countertop. Seal the plumbers putty by pressing firmly around the edges under the sink and the countertop. Putty might secrete from under the sink onto the counter. This is expected. Just wipe away any excess putty.

4. Roll some putty and place it in an arc under the flange. Attach the putty under the lip of the sink.

5. Next, turn the flange over. Insert the threaded end into the drain hole of the sink. Now press firmly to place the flange in the hole.

6. Next, screw the nut under the sink onto the flange. The nut must be twisted tightly against the bottom of the sink to make sure it will stay in place.

7. Pressing lightly, attach a rope of putty around the bottom of the flange.

8. Slide the nut onto the flange and connect the bottom of the flange to the drain pipe. In order to tighten the drain pipe and flange, lower the nut and tighten the nut by twisting it clockwise.

9. All done!


Instructional video

Still not convinced about how easy it is to do? Watch a video tutorial explaining and showing similar steps.

Save money

You see, You do not have to hire a professional plumber to correctly apply plumbers putty to faucets and drains. It is a safe and easy-to-use material. Just follow these simple instructions and save yourself some money by doing it yourself.

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